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Six difficult problems in the design and manufacture of precision stamping die

1. Mold design and manufacturing technology

The innovation of precision stamping die design and manufacturing technology is not enough. Many advanced die design connotation and technology, as well as the "know how" and other basic technology, theory and core technology in the manufacturing process are not mastered enough. As a result, it is difficult to improve the overall level of the die. It is always in the stage of technology follow-up and tracking, and there is still a lack of relevant design and manufacturing foundation to reach or even surpass the international advanced level Technical support.

2. Die life

Due to the influence of die materials, heat treatment technology, manufacturing and assembly technology and other related factors, the service life of stamping dies in China is generally lower than the international advanced level, and the gap is more than 30%. In particular, the low life of one-time grinding leads to the increase of mold maintenance times, which reduces the production efficiency of precision metal stamping parts, increases the cost of mold maintenance, and further affects the market competitiveness of China's mold.

3. Die test technology and die reliability

Die testing is a comprehensive experiment, evaluation and adjustment process of the die after the design and manufacture of precision stamping die. It is a concentrated exposure process of die design and manufacturing problems, and also a comprehensive reflection of stamping die design, manufacturing technology and professionals. The reliability and stability of the mold is the evaluation benchmark of the mold design and manufacturing quality and the guarantee of the normal use of the mold. Due to the lack of in-depth excavation of the hidden knowledge and technology accumulation in the design and manufacturing process of multi position and multi-function stamping dies in China, compared with the international advanced die enterprises, the time of die test, adjustment and maintenance in the use of multi position and multi-function stamping dies in China has increased by more than 30%. Compared with the cutting-edge technology of die without die testing program in foreign countries, the gap between the die testing technology and the reliability and stability of die in China is obvious.

4. Basic theory and key technology of mould

For a long time, China has attached great importance to the practice of die design and manufacturing. However, due to the lack of attention to the basic theory and technology of stamping die, the development of basic theory and technology of die design and manufacturing is slow. In addition, the specialized division of labor of stamping die enterprises is not detailed enough, small and complete, large and complete die enterprises still occupy the dominant position, the core competitiveness of enterprises is difficult to form, and the enterprise's own technology and innovation ability lag behind foreign advanced die enterprises. In addition, the backward basic technology of die materials and standard parts directly affects the overall technical level of China's multi position and multi-function stamping die. Therefore, there are still many weak links in the basic technical support of multi position and multi-function stamping die.

5. New mould technology and its development

With the continuous emergence of new technology and new products, foreign stamping dies have developed from the conventional single progressive die to the multi-functional combined die, production line matching combined die tooling, super large progressive die and micro parts stamping forming die. However, most Chinese enterprises still focus on the conventional single progressive die serialization and industrialization, and have not mastered the special high-precision technology The key technology of the sharp die, such as super large, high precision, ultra-high speed stamping, ultra-thin, super strong and micro parts forming stamping die, is not much for the design of multi-functional composite die. Therefore, China also needs to continue to carry out the key technology research of new mold, expand its application fields, and lay a good foundation for catching up with and surpassing the international advanced level.

6. Basic parts and accessories

The basic parts and accessories of multi position and multi-function stamping die are the basic conditions for the rapid development of the die as a whole. However, due to the low level of heat treatment, materials, standard parts and supporting technology and quality, the basic parts and accessories of high-grade die mainly rely on imports in China. Therefore, China urgently needs to improve the technology and quality level of mold basic parts and accessories.

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