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Method of surface finishing of stamping die

Method of surface finishing of stamping die

In order to improve the strength of the stamping die, the final process of stamping die manufacturing needs to finish the surface of the die, so as to eliminate the small cracks on the surface of the die, and prevent the damage of the stamping die due to the amplification of cracks in the process of strong impact of the press. The following describes several commonly used stamping die finishing methods.

1. Manual polishing, traditional mold surface processing methods, mainly rely on the operator's experience and technology, manual polishing is time-consuming, inefficient, some more complex surface or pointing polishing will be more difficult to deal with.

2. Mechanical finishing - grinding. Commonly used grinding equipment are surface grinder, internal and external grinder, tool grinder. In order to ensure the accuracy, the general selection of CNC machining. According to the shape of different parts to choose the appropriate type of grinder, plate type parts use surface grinder, arc and rotary surface parts use internal and external grinder or tool grinder.

3. Finish machining - CNC milling machine. In this method, the surface processing of stamping die is fast without processing, and the processing quality is good. In addition to the cavity with internal acute angle and extremely narrow and deep cavity, other aspects are competent. In foreign countries, it has become the mainstream technology of stamping die processing, and China is also actively developing.

4. There are also some non mechanical finishing methods, such as ultrasonic machining, EDM polishing, laser finishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, etc.

According to the characteristics of stamping die and the difficulty of machining accuracy, the die manufacturer should choose the appropriate finishing method to save cost and effectively improve production efficiency.

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